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Baltimore, Md. Be sure to check out the..." /><"#/page/4" />

Pat Gavin Photography

Photographer, urban explorer, and antique collector from Baltimore, Md. Be sure to check out the links to my Flickr accounts and please reblog my stuff if you like it.

1964 Amphicar

Baltimore Streetcar Museum

Falls Rd., Baltimore, Md

500 block of Baker St.

West Baltimore, Md

Coal field

Keith Ave., Canton, Baltimore, Md

Conowingo Hydro Electric Plant

Conowingo, Maryland


Baltimore St., Carrollton Ridge, Baltimore, Md

Put a giant push pin in your van so you know where you parked it.

Highland Ave., Highlandtown, Baltimore, Md

Early 1970s Toyota Celica ST

S. Carey St., Pigtown, Baltimore, Md

Malcom’s Shoe Repair

2100 W. Fayette St., west Baltimore, Md

1825 N. Warwick Ave.

Coppin Heights, Baltimore, Md

Explore Baltimore episode 33 is here! Meet the Trash Wheels!


Union Ave., Woodberry, north Baltimore, Md

So this “Police Car” was left near Pigtown all bashed up. People were saying some kids stole it and dumped it. Turns out the real story is it was used in a music video where they bash it up and then for some reason just left it behind after the shoot. Eventually it was towed to the actual Southern District Police station and left on the back lot.

Hanover St., Cherry Hill, Baltimore, Md

2728 W. North Ave.

Coppin Heights, Baltimore, Md


Pigtown, Baltimore, Md